Builder Mouse

buildermouseBuilder Mouse: A story of friendship, creativity, and the fine art of compromise

By: Sofia Eldarova

Edgar the mouse loves to build tall things with food leftovers. This is problematic when his best friend, Toby, also like leftovers, but for eating, not building. Each masterpiece that Edgar creates becomes a meal for Toby. Eventually Edgar decides to leave his home to find a place where his talents for building are appreciated. He tries out the subway, a restaurant, and a museum, but all the mice in those places also find his masterpieces tasty. He decides to return home to his best friend, Toby, and discovers that his best friend has gotten him a surprise to help him with his building.

I enjoyed this sweet friendship story mostly because of the subtle story and lovely illustrations. Share this book with the little builder in your life. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Reviewed by: Diana (Harrington Library)

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