But I Don’t Eat Ants



Written by Dan Marvin

Illustrated by Kelly Fry


Our friend the little anteater is a peculiar fellow. He loves to eat. He eats everything, everything except ants. He loves his noodles and fast food. He loves desserts and bratwurst. He will eat with an ant, but why oh why would he eat an ant. None of his friends understand him. None of his family understands him. I mean, come on, other animals aren’t named after what they eat. Why should an anteater eat ants? And then one day, Mama Anteater put something new and spicy on his salad. What was this new delicious food for our anteater friend? Well, you will just have to read the book to find out.

This book has the cutest pictures and, hey, who doesn’t love a book about food. I know they are my favorites. I also love the assortment of different foods that you can introduce a child to by reading this book. This is the perfect book to read right before lunch or dinner. Maybe not after, unless you want an excuse to get a snack. This fun book is sure to please both the adult and the child.

Ashley A. (Davis Library)

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