Cat Wishes

Cat Wishes

Written by Calista Brill / Illustrated by Kenard Park

“‘Spare my life,’ the snake told Cat. ‘I’ll grant you what you wish.’

‘No such thing as a wish,’ Cat said. His whiskers danced.

‘Sure of that, are you?’ said Snake.”

Cat Wishes stars Cat, the appropriately named tabby who is a hungry stray when the reader meets him. Cat comes across a snake that he hopes to be his next meal, but this is no ordinary snake. This snake is something out of a fairytale and bargains with Cat, offering him three wishes in exchange for his life. Despite being skeptical, Cat accepts.

Over the course of three wishes, Cat solves her issues of hunger and lack of shelter, and in the end she even makes a new friend – one that she has something in common with.

The storyline is a fresh take on the age-old “three wishes” tale, and the illustrations take the reader along seamlessly. The illustrator uses every inch of the pages and adds bright colors more and more as you near the end. This will certainly catch the eye of young readers who like cats and/or nature.

PPL has three copies in the system; I highly recommend it for your next family story time.

Kailey Warren

Davis Library

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