City Dog, Country Frog

City Dog, Country FrogCity Dog, Country Frog

By Mo Willems

Illustrated by Jon J Muth

This heartwarming book, City Dog, Country Frog, reminds us how friends can come into our lives from unexpected directions and friendships can go through happy changes but also hard times.

City Dog comes to the country on a beautiful spring day and he meets Country Frog. Country Frog tells City Dog that he is “waiting for a friend, but you’ll do.” So begins the unlikely friendship between a young, energetic dog and an older, slower frog. The dog teaches the frog how to play “city dog games”. The friends meet again in the summer to play “country frog games.” By the time fall arrives, Country Frog is tired and aging so the two friends play “remembering games” and sleep close together. City Dog returns to the country in winter and looks for his friend, but the frog is not perched on his usual rock. Spring comes and now, it is City Dog sitting on a rock, quietly waiting. A Country Chipmunk approaches City Dog and a new friendship begins. Just as the seasons change, so do the seasons of life and friendship.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Reviewed by Melanie (Davis Library)



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