Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep – Calpurnia Tate-Girl Vet

By:  Jacqueline Kelly

This new chapter book series is based on the very successful middle grade book, THE CURIOUS WORLD OF CALPURNIA TATE.  In the new series, Calpurnia helps animals both big and small.  Calpurnia is one of seven children growing up in rural Texas at the turn of the century.  She is especially close to her grandfather, probably because they both love science, nature, and animals.

COUNTING SHEEP is the second title in the chapter book series.  Luckily Calpurnia paid attention while watching the town’s animal doctor and listening to her grandfather’s lessons.  She is able to repair a butterfly’s wing and helps to save an unborn lamb when the doctor is unavailable.

Readers will learn about history and animals in this delightful series.  Many scientific facts are slipped into the story and in the illustrations.  For example, Calpurnia’s Scientific Notebook contains the life cycle of a painted lady butterfly.  This is a well written nature adventure that will inspire young children.

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