Disgusting and Dreadful Science

indexDisgusting and Dreadful Science: Ear-Splitting Sounds and Other Vile Noises

By Anna Claybourne

Riddled with facts and miniature experiments, the Disgusting and Dreadful Science books are a fun way to explore many different topics. In Ear-Splitting Sounds and Other Vile Noises, we venture into the world of sound waves. Did you know that some animals use sound to disable their prey? Or that the animal that makes one of the loudest sounds is actually a teeny-tiny water creature called the pistol shrimp? It snaps its claw to shoot out a high-pressure bubble, making a cracking sound as loud as a rocket taking off!

With lots of fun, disgusting, and amazing facts, Ear-Splitting Sounds is sure to spark interest with any young scientist. It discusses everything from the first men to record sound, to the anatomy of the ear, to different kinds of sound, and even sounds that can make a person feel sick! Yuck!

Recommended for Grades 4-6.

Nicole P. (Schimelpfenig)


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