DIY Literacy Crafts: LIBRARY MAKE’s 25th Episode!

It’s a three-for-one crafting special!

Threading crafts are a fantastic way to improve fine motor skills, an important pre-writing skill for kids. Little hands need lots of practice, but don’t worry!  We’ve created three activities help your child increase their dexterity:  a yarn threading grid, some yarn-wrapped decorations, and a threaded yarn bag to hold it all.

Watch this special edition of Library Make (our 25th episode!), featuring a cast reunion with Kate from Parr Library, Annie from Schimelpfenig Library, and Alyssa from Davis Library.  As always, you can also read the instructions with these printable instruction sheets

Printable instructions here.

Thanks for checking out this tutorial! Click the picture below for more Library Make tutorials, and don’t forget to share and like our video above or on YouTube. Happy making!


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