By:  Yuyi Morales

Based on her experience of leaving Mexico for the United States in 1994 with her young son, Caldacott Honor artist, Yuyi Morales, tells about the challenges and wonders of living in a new country.  The mother in the story struggles to understand the language and the rules in the strange new land.  For example, when she and her son play in a public fountain, a policeman appears and scolds them.  The family finds comfort in one place:  the public library.  She describes the library as “Suspicious./Improbable./Unbelievable./Surprising.”  These are my favorite pages in the whole book.  The gorgeous artwork shows their imagination taking flight as they read book after book.  They learn to read, to speak, and to write at the public library.  Readers will notice many of their favorite children’s books on the shelves.  The back matter includes a list of books that inspired the author as well as her immigration story.  This excellent memoir is a must read.

Renee (Parr)


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