Fiete Sports

Rated as one of School Library Journal’s Top 10 Apps of 2017, Fiete Sports combines Olympic-style sports action with hand-eye coordination and determination.  Help popular character sailor Fiete compete in a variety of summertime sports and win medals in each event.

Fiete Sports – Sports Games by Ahoiii Entertainment

Ages:  4+

Requires:  iOS 6.0 or later or Android 2.3 and up

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android

Fiete Sports teaches hand-eye coordination and determination as players guide Fiete through competing in a variety of Olympic-style sports.  The app now features 21 different sports to explore, but only 5 are included in the free preview.  After completing an event, celebrate with a medal ceremony and confetti.

When you open the app, a panoramic scene features mountains, buildings, and different athletes at each event.  The home page also includes an icon in the top right corner to unlock the remaining sports, which can either be done all at once or as two smaller sport packs.  Choose the event you want to compete in by selecting its icon.  There are no words, so even the littlest users can decide which games to play from this menu.  Once you’ve selected a sport, its name appears on the first screen, along with a visual tutorial that explains how to complete the challenge.

The preview version of the app includes five sports:

  • Kayak:  Using simple draggging, navigate Fiete through a challenge course.  You must go through the targets to complete the race without penalties.  Changing currents dd more speed, but also more challenge.
  • Running:  Using simple tapping, keep Fiete running along the course.  The aster and more consistently you tap, the faster Fiete will run.
  • Hurdles:  As Fiete runs down the course, used timed taps to help him jump over the hurdles.  The closer he is to the hurdle when he jumps, the more ground he covers on the other side while running.  If you get too close to one of the hurdles, you might knock it over and reduce his time.
  • Shotput:  Over a series of throws, help Fiete line up his shot for maximum distance.  Guidelines show how the ball will arc, but you’ll need to experiment with different angles and forces for the best possible outcome.
  • Table tennis:  Drag Fiete up and down to move him along the table during a game of table tennis.  This game practices your hand-eye coordination and reflexes, as you must respond quickly to keep the ball in play.

Since the game play is very simple, this app works best when paired with other activities.  If your child finds the app too simple, or easily tires of the games, Common Sense Media recommends using it as an opportunity to talk together as a family about ways to improve the app if you were designing it yourself.

Ready to take the fun off your screen?  Try using Fiete Sports as a starting point to research your favorite sports and try them out as a family.  If your child is interested in the countries represented in the Olympics, you can also try researching the different countries together to see what you learn.  For a more physical activity, try out Alphabet Fitness, where you make different letters of the alphabet with your body.  It’s a great combination of early literacy and movement!

For more app recommendations and examples, be sure to join us for App Time at Davis Library, Wednesday mornings at 11:15 AM.  Find out about all our great upcoming programs in our Engage brochure, also available in any Plano library.  Happy playing!

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