Finding Christmas

Finding Christmas

Lezlie Evans

Hare, Squirrel, and Mouse are busy preparing for Christmas in their burrow on Christmas Eve.  Mouse still hasn’t found the perfect gift for Hare, so she sneaks out to find one.  Soon Mouse returns to the burrow to get help.  She has found sickly Swallow alone in the cold.  The friends all bring Swallow back to their burrow to try to revive her.  The animals encourage one another to open their gifts which contain items that might help Swallow.  Their unselfish deeds make them all feel warm and cozy inside.  The Christmas spirit is alive and well in the burrow.

This is a tender Christmas tale that will warm reader’s spirits.  The soft, muted colors from illustrator Yee Von Chan add a vintage charm to the book.

Renee (Parr Library)

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