Firefighters to the Rescue: a Lego adventure in the real world

Firefighters to the Resuce: a Lego adventure in the real world


By Penelope Arlon

This is an intelligent book with real life pictures and interesting facts to help familiarize children with firefighting vehicles, equipment, and the job of firefighters.  Gives parents and teachers a great way to talk about the sights and sounds of emergency vehicles and the sometimes-scary look of firefighters wearing bulky equipment.  Though the book does not discuss fire safety, or home or school fire drills, it would be a good partner for introducing the subject.  Also good to read before a field trip to the fire station.  BONUS: book has prompts for children to build along, you can dump out the LEGO canister before, during, or after reading if you are so inclined.  Ages 5 and up.  Will also work at younger ages with summarizing of text as needed.

Nicole (Haggard)

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