Five Nice Mice Build a House

Five Nice Mice Build a House

In this Japanese translation the neighborhood has become scary and crowded for five little mice. Too many cats! Too many people! Join Nibble, Teeny, Bon Bon, Whisk and Abby as they set out to find a new home. When they stumble upon the treasures in the city dump they feel their worries are over. Look at all the great items to build their own house! Starting with an old clock they add a chair for a roof. But there is so much more to do. It will be a wonderful house, a wonderful house,/ Our very own, perfectly wonderful…mouse house. The industrious mice work innovatively and  cooperatively to build the perfect house complete with a teacup shower, a bicycle wheel Ferris wheel, a pantry and makeshift beds for all. Unfortunately the twine around their perfect little house traps a cat. What will the five nice mice do? Five NICE mice will gnaw and chew and set the cat free of course.


Tashiro’s detailed, color-rich illustrations provide the perfect compliment to her charming story. Children will be captivated by the ingenius reuse of old materials and the infectious spirit of these can-do mice. Readers may be inspired to make their own little house.

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