Written by Jeff Newman / Illustrated by Larry Day

The inside of the cover jacket reads, “This is a story about what we lose, what we find, what we give back, and how we love.” That line is the only text inside Found, the latest picture book by Jeff Newman.

This story follows a young girl whose dog, named Prudence, has gone missing. During this time, she happens upon another lost dog, named Roscoe, who she takes care of in the meantime. The main character and Roscoe eat, play and sleep together.

One day they take a fateful walk to the Main Street Pet Store to purchase more food for Roscoe, when the main character sees a lost dog sign, not unlike the ones she had hung for Prudence. She stays up all night contemplating what to do, and comes to the conclusion that she should do the right thing and return Roscoe to his owners. She does that the next day and Roscoe and his owner could not be happier, though it seems to make the narrator miss Prudence even more.

On the way home, the main character walks past the Humane Shelter and a brown bulldog catches her eye. The reader is left with a feeling of hope as our heroine and the dog lock eyes through the window.

While the book lacks text, its illustrations tell a story that is easy to follow for readers of all ages. It teaches an important lesson that doing what is wrong may not be easy, but it also could have surprising (and positive!) results. It encourages discussion and the creative crafting of your own story line.

Kailey Warren

Davis Library

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