Genevieve’s War

Genevieve’s War

By:  Patricia Reilly Giff


The year is 1939.  Thirteen year-old Genevieve and her brother are spending the summer on their grandmother’s farm in Alsace, France.  World War II has just begun and the Germans are about to invade France.  Genevieve has a ticket on the last boat leaving for the United States when she impulsively decides that her elderly grandmother needs her help.  It is a dangerous time to be in France.  Shortly after Genevieve missis her boat, German soldiers occupy her town and a Nazi soldier moves in with them.  Life becomes much more difficult for Genevieve and her grandmother when food and animals are taken by the German army, books are burned, and French names are replaced with German names.  Genevieve misses home terribly, but becomes very attached to her grandmother during the war.  This is an engrossing coming-of-age story filled with action and suspense.  I would recommend this historical fiction middle grade novel for readers in the late elementary to middle school grades with some cross-over appeal for young adults.

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