Going Wild: helping nature thrive in cities (Revised Review)

Going Wild: helping nature thrive in cities


By Michelle Mulder

This book would do well in the hands of a teacher as a way to help children think about the natural world around them.  The book discusses how people lived differently not so long ago.  Rather than in suburbs and cities, with lawns, cars, and grocery stores, people used to live much closer to the land and nature.  The way we got our food was different, the plants and animals that we saw in our everyday lives were somewhat different.  This book gives children a way to wonder about their modern lives, helps them contrast and compare former ways of living with modern society.  It helps children ask how important is nature to our lives.  Modern society  has its advantages, but did the more natural way of living have its advantages, too?  Why or why not?  Finally, is it possible to enjoy  both our modern advantages while living more closely to nature as we used to?  Much food for thought, discussion, and nature projects in this book.  Well written, interesting, and easy to read.  Recommended ages 4-7, but children up to 5th grade may enjoy exploring this book with a teacher.

Nicole (Haggard)

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