Here I Am

hereiamHere I Am

Story by: Patti Kim

Pictures by: Sonia Sánchez

This wordless graphic novel for kids portrays the experience of feeling foreign in a new land.  The story is about a boy and his family that have arrived in their new home: a busy American city.  The boy has kept a memento of his former home, a small seed.  One day he accidentally loses it.  In the process of finding his seed, he begins to explore the new city, finding friends and joy.

By depicting the story simply with pictures, there is the loss of familiar places and faces, the exploration that comes with living in an unknown place, and finally, the feeling of belonging.

At the back of the story, the author explains her reasons for putting together the story.  As a child, Kim and her family moved from Korea to the United States and describes struggling with the unfamiliar.  The author considers the loss of the seed as symbolic, asking: “what happens to us when we forget to be afraid?”

Read this story and discover the answer.

Reviewed by: Diana (Harrington Library)

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