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Mixed up in math?  Science got you stumped?  Not feeling right about writing?  Whatever your homework troubles, Tutor.com can help.  Live, online tutoring daily from 2 PM to 11 PM and access to a variety of useful learning resources any time – it’s all free with your library card!


Ages:  Kindergarten to adult

Requires:  Plano Public Library card and internet access

Compatibility:  Any internet-enabled device

Tutor.com is an excellent homework resource, combining real-time instruction and self-paced learning.  Find the link in our A to Z database list.  If you’re accessing Tutor.com from home, you’ll need to put in your library card number to authenticate.  Use either the top bar menus or the tiles at the bottom of the page to easily navigate to any resource.  Whether you create an account is up to you.  You can always access live tutoring and the SkillsCenter, but access to the other features requires a free account.  Just put in your name, an email, a password, and your date of birth.  This will give you access to saving your favorite tutors, reviewing past sessions, taking practice quizzes, using the drop-off services, and storing files.

Plano Public Library patrons have access to live tutors daily from 2 PM until 11 PM.  Look for the “Get a Tutor Now” button, then choose your topic, subject, grade level, and specific questions to get started.  You can even attach files!  Tutor.com can help with over 40 subjects.  Plus, Spanish speaking tutors are available for math, science, and social studies topics.  No appointment is needed – sign in when it works for you!  Tutoring sessions are done in an online classroom using chat, but you can also request a tutor with voice chat capabilities.  Your classroom has an interactive whiteboard, resource sharing, and file sharing.  Any website, document, or screen shared during your session is stored as part of the recording.  After a session, rate your tutor or even mark them as one of your favorites to easily reconnect later.

The SkillsCenter Resource Library, available 24/7, includes additional study tools.  Choose a topic, subject, and subtopic to find a skills page, which includes things like websites, videos, Tutor.com recorded sessions, sample tests, worksheets, flashcards, learning games, and more.  Practice tests, between 15 and 30 questions each, focus on specific topics.  Once you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll see your scores, plus resources for questions you might have missed.  During live tutoring hours, you can immediately connect with a tutor to ask questions and get more help.  For building key math and English/language arts skills, check out the videos available in Early Edge.

Need help with writing?  The essay drop-off service lets you submit your writing sample for review and suggestions.  Within 24 hours, you’ll get a detailed feedback form, as well as notes directly within your document.  This service provides coaching and guidance for your writing, not editing.  During scheduled tutoring hours, you can also drop off math problems for help with higher grade math, and a tutor will provide a step-by-step written explanation, plus visuals, of how to solve the program.  It’s a great way to learn more about missed questions from homework or tests.

Getting ready for the SAT, ACT, or Advanced Placement exams?  Tutor.com can help with that, too!  The test prep section provides information from Princeton Review to help you prepare, including full length practice tests for the SAT and ACT.  Each test includes a score and progress report, with specific areas to focus on to improve your scores.  Each area includes video lessons and practice drills, and you can still connect with tutors for additional help.  For the advanced placement exams, video lessons from the experts at GetAFive provide additional instruction.

Ready to take the learning off your screen?  The Plano Public Libraries have a variety of activities, whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or just have fun.  Check out our fall Engage brochure, also available in any library, to see all of our great upcoming programs.  Happy learning!

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