Hoops – Elle of the Ball

Hoops – Elle of the Ball

By:  Elena Delle Donne

This book is the first in the new Hoops series written by WNBA star Delle Donne.  It tells the story of a seventh grader named Elle who had a growth spurt over the summer and now stands at 6 feet tall.  She has always enjoyed basketball, but now her coach wants her to be center just because of her height.  Along with learning her new position on the team, she also has to worry about dancing at her school’s annual cotillion wearing a dress, yuck!  Elle shows real determination to learn how to deal with her lack of coordination and her anxiety over the school dance.  The story is filled with sports action, friendship subplots, and inspiration derived from watching her handicapped sister deal with life.  Many of the situations in this story may have been taken from the author’s real-life challenges.  This is a good choice for fans of middle grade sports stories.

Renee (Parr)

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