How to Read a Book

by Kwame Alexander

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

How to Read a Book

Reviewers suggest this picture book for ages preschool through 2nd grade; but in the hands of the right teacher, this book could enchant and motivate a classroom of 4th-graders or even older.  Poet Kwame Alexander is a Newberry Medalist, illustrator Melissa Sweet is a Caldecott Honoree; and together they have created a veritable feast of verse and color, letters and textures.  This book describes not only the shimmering feeling one gets when captivated by a good book, but also the juicy richness experienced by writers when creating a poem or a story.  Young readers and writers will ‘get’ this book; it also has the power to encourage and fan the curiosity of those beginning the journey into reading.  This book is inspiring.  Highly recommended as a back-to-school read.  For grades PreK-2nd.

Nicole (Haggard)

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