How to Share with a Bear by Eric Pinder

how to shareHow to Share with a Bear by Eric Pinder

What child doesn’t love making a cave to hide in?  In How to Share with a Bear, Thomas makes a cave so he can cuddle up with a few books and read.  But his cave is taken over by a bear, so he finds creative ways to distract it.  Bears like blueberries, scratching their backs, fishing in streams, and honey, but none of these distractions seem to last very long. The reader will be surprised to discover the “truth” behind the bear!

I loved the gentle solutions in this story about siblings and sharing.  Thomas is a loving big brother.  Even though there are instructions at the end of the book about how to build your own cave, your children may not need them!  If you’re in need of quiet book, perfect for cave reading, pick this one up today!

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