If Animals Celebrated Christmas

If Animals Celebrated Christmas

By:  Ann Whitford Paul

Ann Whitford Paul and David Walker, the team behind IF ANIMALS SAID I LOVE YOU, have teamed up again to create a holiday book.  This time the focus is on animal families preparing for Christmas.  Young Koala kicks things off with a countdown to Christmas.  Penguin and Chick write letters to Santa, Beaver makes holiday wreaths, and Hedgehog knits sweaters with fancy frills.   Other animals such as cranes, buffalo, crabs, and tortoises join in the holiday fun.  The story is sweet, but the illustrations steal the show!  The animals, with their cute expressions, are done in soft, muted tones and the backgrounds are bright and clear.  This would make an excellent read aloud story for bedtime.

Renee (Parr)

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