I’m Fun, Too!

I’m Fun, Too!

by Jonathan Fenske

With all the hype around the release of the new The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, it’s a great time to tell you about this Lego book. Having not seen the movie, I don’t believe it is connected to the movie in anyway, but when the kids love Lego, they love everything Lego. This book is the story of a classic Lego mini-figure who see’s the new generation of Lego’s as more fun, and fancy, and a little weird. He’s just plain. They are fun, and do lots of different things. He’s just plain. Then the other side tells it how they see it. That super fun unicorn head, yeah it’s annoying to wear. Plain hair would be better. That plain vanilla ice cream you are holding, the chicken would love to hold that, but he can’t hold anything. Both sides talk about what they would like that the other has, but in the end they realize that they can do and be anything. They are Lego, the most versatile, interchangeable toy ever.

I am a fan of Lego in every way. This book is no exception.  I think the thing I like most about this book is the message behind it. I love that it shows kids to celebrate their differences and those of others. The underlying ending message is you can do and be anything, so you should celebrate it.

by Ashley (Davis Library)

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