LEGO DUPLO Town lets your child build creative, virtual play houses with fun, brightly-colored bricks, and play out everyday life with characters, pets and familiar objects from their own life.

LEGO DUPLO Town by LEGO System A/S

Ages:  3-5

Requires:  iOS 9.0 or later; Android 4.1 and up

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch; Android Tablets & Phones

LEGO DUPLO Town brings the classic building bricks to the digital world. Drag and drop bricks representing different rooms and features to make unique houses and play spaces for characters to explore.

To get started, simply tap the big green play button. If it’s your first time playing, a building site will appear with a green button featuring a digging construction worker. Tap this button to open up the construction mode for the site which provides a selection of bricks to choose from to make your first building – a pizzeria! If you wait a moment, the game demonstrates how to place a brick (if you’d like it in another spot, just drag it). Once all the bricks are placed on the building site, a play button will appear in the bottom corner. Tapping this will transform your bricks into a detailed structure and populate it with people, pets, and objects like pizzas!

Bricks aren’t the only things you can move around; the people and pets can be picked up and placed in different areas and they’ll interact with objects and each other! You can also try tapping on the clouds, sun, and other background elements to see how they’ll change. With this interactive environment, you can encourage your child to make up a story, act it out, and tell the story to you to help build their communication and narrative skills.

There are 6 building site including a park, airport, and houses. Each space has specific blocks with simple symbols to represent familiar rooms and features. Just like real Duplos, not all blocks are the same size or shape which encourages children use their visual-spatial skills while experimenting with placement.

One of the best features of this app is the bulldozer button which lets you drive a Duplo bulldozer through buildings and send bricks flying! Once you’re done knocking bricks around, hit the play button to go to the construction mode and build an entirely new structure.

Ready to take the fun off screen? Dump out some real Duplos and build your town in real life! If your feeling artistic, draw, paint, or create a collage of your digital creations and add more buildings like a fire station, grocery store, and, of course, a library. For a different way to develop story-telling skills, try making Story Stones – rocks decorated with narrative elements you put together to build a story! This craft is a great way to encourage creativity and development of important early literacy skills.

For more app recommendations and examples, be sure to check out our App Talk videos and other app posts. Want to build with others? Join us next month for our Read! Build! Play! storytime and Block Party. Check out our Engage brochure, available in any Plano library, for details about all of our great upcoming programs. Happy playing!

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