Literacy Craft: Sensory Learning Cards (LIBRARY MAKE)

As learners, we all react to using our senses differently when discovering new things. Traditional learning usually involves just sight and hearing, but this DIY learning craft uses your little one’s sense of touch to aid in learning shapes and more!

In the DIY cards, three senses are exercised to help master shapes, numbers, and letters. There is the fuzzy outline of the shape on one side of the card, which uses touch, the name of the shape on the opposite side of the card, which your little one can read to use their sight, and then read out loud to use their hearing to listen to how the word sounds. By using this triple combo of senses, your child will be mastering new concepts, and exploring other opportunities for sensory learning and play in everyday life.

Watch the video below, or read the instructions with these printable instruction sheets.



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