Literacy Craft: Sight Word Rubbing Cards (LIBRARY MAKE)

It’s no secret, reading and writing go together, but children don’t necessarily need to learn one before starting on the other. Children begin preparing for a lifetime of writing before they write their first letter – sometimes even before they speak their first words. For a child that still has a less than steady grip, this activity makes writing and combining letters accessible and fun!

The raised letters on the cards fulfill a double purpose – to create a raised surface to make the texture rubbings, and as an additional sensory learning experience for getting familiar with letters and words. I would recommend younger ones complete the rubbings with a large crayon that’s easier to hold, since their grip is still developing, leaving children who have a more developed grip to use colored pencils. Don’t forget how useful the cards can be just on their own for combining letters into words and learning shorter sight words.

Feeling the shape of what each letter makes on the card can prepare emerging writers to both read and write the letters in the future. Find out just how easy it is to create this DIY activity in our newest episode of Library Make.

Watch the video tutorial below, or click here for printable instructions.

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