Look At Me! How to Attract Attention in the Animal World

Look at Me!  How to Attract Attention in the Animal World


By Steve Jenkins and Robin Page


A nice introduction to the world of animal communication.  In this book we learn that birds, insects, and even fish communicate.  When trying to find a mate, animals communicate with other animals of their same species by puffing up, flashing feathers, and performing elaborate dances to name a few.  For example, to make himself attractive, the Hooded Seal shakes an inflated sack of skin hanging from its nose!  Animals also communicate with their enemies—predators—who might try to eat them, using movements, colors, smells and all sorts of evasive tactics.  Did you know there was such a thing as a Sarcastic Fringehead, who scares away other fish by flashing his rows of sharp teeth?  The illustrations are wonderful:  lifelike, clear, and large enough for pointing out animal features and details.  Excellent book.  Ages 4-7.

Nicole (Haggard)

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