Love Monster

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By Rachel Bright

It’s difficult being a monster in a world full of cute and fluffy things. No one wants to love a monster when they could hug a bunny, or a teddy bear, or a super cute kitten. Monster is a little bit funny-looking. To say the least. All that cuteness makes being funny-looking pretty, darn hard. Determined to find someone who loves him just the way he is, Monster sets out on a long journey. He searches high and low, inside and out, middle-ish and elsewhere. What Monster discovers is that finding love is really hard. In the blink of a googly eye, everything changes when love finds him.

A sweet and funny tale, Love Monster is a story to enjoy at Valentines, or anytime you want to feel a little warm and fuzzy. With simple, but amusing text, and warm colors, you won’t be able to help falling in love with the googly-eyed monster.

Recommended for ages 2-5

Nicki P. (Schimelpfenig)

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