Love, Triangle

Love, Triangle

Written by  Marcie Colleen

Illustrated by Bob Shea

Circle and Square had a special relationship. Circle loved all of Squares good points and Square admire his friends special brand of Rock n Roll. Then they met Triangle, and their world changed. Suddenly pizza was better than grilled cheese. Studying the pyramids took priority over reading about basketball. The two friends were so happy about their new friend, they forgot about each other. They were so upset that they didn’t have each other and that they each had a new friend to play with, it left everyone bent out of shape. Triangle sends them each a letter to invite them to hang out. They were surprised to see each other at Triangle’s house. Square and Circle got so upset with each other that they fought over Triangle until, opps, he was a line. They had no idea how to fix Triangle. The only solution was to work together. Square researched and tested. Circle trained. They build a slingshot, shaped like a “Y”. Circle used all of his strength to pull the string that had become of triangle back, until, POP!, Triangle was back. From then on, the three of them had a friendship trio that took it’s own shape.

This book is full of shape puns. It has a fun attitude that can make a parent giggle, while the kids are entertained by the adorable pictures of the shape friends having fun. Overall, this is a great book whether you are looking for a fun read, a cute book or a lesson on friendship.

Ashley A

Davis Library

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