Max and Bird

Max and Bird

By Ed Vere

“‘But it’s a rule of nature. Birds get chased by kittens.’”

Fans of unlikely friendships will fall in love with Max and Bird, the latest adventure starring Max, a wide-eyed kitten who gets into all sorts of predicaments. He befriends Bird (who is coincidentally, a bird) and, even though he knows he should be eating him according to society, the two bond over Bird’s struggle to learn to fly. Together they are able to not only learn a new skill, but to rewrite the “rule of nature” and become best friends.

The book features colorful illustrations that bring the story to life successfully. Vere’s writing consists of short sentences and simple language that are easy for readers of all ages to follow. I highly recommend this choice for your next family story time.

I am eager for Vere’s next tale starring the ultra-lovable Max.

Kailey Warren

Davis Library

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