Me and My Fear

Image result for me and my fearMe and My Fear by Fancesea Sanna

A little girl has a small friend she has named Fear. When she moves to a new country, her friend gets bigger. He friend doesn’t want to play, or make friends, or eat. Her friend Fear keeps her up at night. It isn’t until a little boy gets passed her friend Fear, that she begins to see everyone else’s fears. She soon sees life getting better.

We all have fears. Some are small, some are big, but everyone carries them day to day. Anxiety is a tough emotion, even for those of us who have grown. Kiddos have a hard enough time labeling emotions, this is one that often goes unsaid. It’s the occasional well-timed tummy ache. It’s being too tired for their favorite activity. It’s the uneaten dinner. It’s getting nervous over the day to day activities.  This book helps give those anxieties a name and a face. The story is simple, yet versatile enough for many ages.  This book is wonderfully illustrated with a color palette that helps express the emotions on the pages. I would highly recommend this book for any kid, but for the kids with anxiety this book may be the best choice yet.

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