Me on the Map


Me on the Map


By Joan Sweeney

Do you know exactly where in the world you are right now – right at this very minute?  Well, Joan Sweeney gives us a very easy and fun way to figure that out.  In this book, she shows us how to start by drawing a map of our bedroom and then working our way out, little by little, to figure out where we are in relationship to the rest of the world.  Fascinating, right?  Children will love this easy to understand book. A realistic book, but with bold colorful illustrations on each page that perfectly explain the text and concepts.  Parents or teachers can enhance this book with the use of printed or online maps or globes; however, within the book are a kid-friendly map of the United States and of the world.  Children can branch out to determine where other favorite people and places are in the world.  A delightful introduction to understanding and using maps.  Ages 5-8.  If your child is so inclined, this book could work at preschool level.  Also great as a read aloud or read along.

Nicole (Haggard)

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