My Teacher is a Monster!

e342589c522cea0495832491edbb1d21My Teacher is a Monster!
by Peter Brown

Bobby’s teacher is a monster. Or is she? Bobby likes to go to the park to take his mind off his monster teacher, but one day… she is there! Bobby and his teacher end up spending some time together in the park, quacking with ducks and flying paper airplanes. Watch as his teacher slowly transforms from a monster into a real person. When Bobby gets back to school, he views his teacher a little differently… but that’s not to say she doesn’t still get a little monstrous at times.

This is a fun book that can show kids how people can act differently in different situations. Just because a teacher acts a certain way during class doesn’t mean she can’t have fun outside of the classroom! And as always, Peter Brown’s illustrations are bold and adorable. Love that Peter Brown!


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