By:  Susan Lendroth

Natsumi, a young girl living in Japan, finds the perfect outlet for her high level of energy in this adorable picture book.  Natsumi’s family is preparing for a village festival and Natsumi is a little too enthusiastic.  She picks flowers and shakes them so hard that she makes a cloud of pollen, leaves and ants.  At the dance rehearsal, she flicks her fan so hard that it hits the instructor in the knee.  She often hears, “Not so loud”, “Not so hard”, and “Not so fast”.  Natsumi’s grandfather has an idea of how to channel her energy in a constructive way.  Natusumi performs as a taiko drummer at the festival and her skills are a perfect match.

This cheerful picture book explores the message of being true to yourself.  Many young readers will be able to relate to Natsumi’s experience and will cheer for her when she finds her true calling.

Renee (Parr)

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