Penguin Problems

Penguin Problems

By Jory John

Illustrated by Lane Smith

You think YOU have problems? According to the penguin in this book, he has WAY more problems than you! The other penguins are so loud, it’s far too bright with the sun reflecting on the snow (he doesn’t even LIKE snow!), and the ocean smells too salty! Not to mention that all the penguins look the same and he can’t even recognize his own parents. Most parents will recognize this penguin’s doldrums, or pity party, as my parents always called it. Sometimes nothing can go right, even if you should be having fun. A friendly walrus tries to help the penguin see things in a different light, but you’ll have to read it to find out if it truly helps him shake his bad mood.

This book has a humor similar to that of Mo Willem’s Pigeon series. The penguin is silly and grumpy, which makes him fun to read aloud and fun to hear. This book can be a teaching tool for a little one who gets into that cranky mood, and it’s sure to bring a few giggles.

Recommended for preschool – 3rd grade.

Nicole P.

Schimelfpenig Library

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