Penguins Love Their ABC’s

Penguins Love Their ABC’s 

By Sarah Aspinall

What’s cuter than a penguin? Six little penguins wearing special hide and seek glasses. Why hide and seek glasses you ask? Well, because Mama Penguin hid all the letters in the snow, underneath clues. An apple hides an “A”, broccoli hides a “B”, etc. This adorable story is basic in that it creates a fun little game of associating letters to words. This clever little story is a baby step above “A is for apple”, by adding a small little story to the alphabet and a word. The illustrations are the cutest little penguins I’ve ever seen. Many of the word choices for the letters are unique.  Many pages have a leading question at the end of the page to help encourage the child’s understanding of story structure and keep their attention on the book. This book is very well done and I would recommend it to anyone with young children who are learning the alphabet or encouraging remembering the alphabet.

Ashley (Davis Library)

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