Pick a Pine Tree

Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht will illustrations by Jarvis

A shiny red ribbon tied in a bow on the cover invites you to open this gift of a book and follow along as a family chooses a pine tree for Christmas.

“Pick a pine tree from the lot–slim and tall or short and squat. One with spiky needle clumps, scaly bark, or sappy bumps.”  Bring it home, trim the trunk, then invite friends over for a decorating day.

With double-page spreads and matte, retro-style illustrations, this title is a joyous, rhyming celebration of coming together to decorate and prepare for the Christmas season.

“At last, it’s time to make it SHINE! Plug in lights along the floor. LOOK! It’s not a pine tree anymore. It’s a…”

Readers turn the page to reveal, with a turn of the book to vertical orientation, a large bright “CHRISTMAS TREE!”

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