Pup and Bear

Pup and Bear

By Kate Banks

“‘Aren’t you going to eat me?’ he asked. ‘Polar bears eat wolves.’”

Pup and Bear is the heartwarming story of a orphan wolf pup and his unlikely hero, a polar bear with a strong maternal instinct. After being inadvertently abandoned by his pack, the pup is taken in by a polar bear who raises him as her own, despite their obvious differences. She looks after him until he is old enough to be on his own.

Time passes and the former pup becomes a leader of his own wolf pack, and what he discovers at the end (no spoilers!) of the book is a moving conclusion to Banks’s “wondrous wheel of life”.

Illustrator Naoko Stoop’s art is a gorgeous companion to the story. Each page is full of color from edge to edge, and while the animals’ expressions are minimalist, they still bring the characters to life successfully.

The wintery scenes are perfect as the colder days wind down this season. This book is sure to touch readers of all ages, especially animal lovers. I highly recommend it for family story time.

Kailey Warren

Davis Library

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