Secrets of the Sea

Secrets of the Sea

By:  Kate Baker

The introduction of this book states, “Oceans are one of the least understood places on the planet.”  This is true and there are many ocean creatures that readers are unfamiliar with.  Author, Kate Baker, introduces young readers to many unfamiliar organisms.  The book is broken down by five categories:  “In the Shallows,” “Coral Gardens,” “Forests of the Sea,” “The Wide Blue Sea,” and “Into the Deep”.  Each species is introduced with its common name, Latin name, size, and a brief description.  Then there are a few paragraphs of additional information about each species.  Gorgeous full-color illustrations accompany the descriptions.  I loved the illustration of the Sea Butterfly, an aquatic snail with a muscular foot that looks like butterfly wings.  Children and parents will enjoy learning about the lesser known plants and sea creatures in the oceans.

Renee (Parr Library)


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