Shapes Baby World

Shapes Baby World is a fun shapes game that explores shapes seen around the world with some of its most famous monuments.  Practice shapes, colors, and more while building fun landmarks right at home!

Shapes Baby World – HugDug Children by MyFirstApp Ltd.

Ages:  4+ (designed for children ages 3 to 6)

Requires:  iOS 7 or later

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Shapes Baby World is an interactive learning game for preschoolers that focuses on shape recognition while building awareness of historical landmarks.  Drag and drop colorful shapes to create familiar buildings from around the world, like the Statue of Liberty, similar to a tangram puzzle.  Unlike tangrams, though, these puzzles include all the shape outlines to guide your progress.

Start by selecting from one of the available countries, which include Australia, China, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, and the United States of America.  Once you’ve chosen your country, the landmark appears, created from the dotted outlines of shapes.  In the top right corner, a box shows the shape that you will be adding.  The outline color matches the color of the full shape, to help with matching.

If you take too long to move a shape, visual prompts on the screen explain the drag-and-drop navigation.  If you place a shape in the wrong outline, it will pop back to the starting box without sticking.  As you touch each shape, you’ll hear its name.  In addition to common shapes like triangles or hearts, puzzles include shape names like rhombus and trapezoid to expose your child to new vocabulary and concepts.  Once you’ve matched all the shapes, you’ll see an image of the landmark in real life, its name, and what country you’ll find it in.  An animated graphic adds to the fun.

This app is a great way to practice cognitive skills by matching and fine motor control to move the shapes around the screen. Shapes are a great way to practice early learning skills, too!  Did you know that letter knowledge actually starts with shapes?  The letters we use are made up of different shapes, so knowing what those shapes are is an important part of your child’s early learning.  While you play, practice naming the different shapes and colors that appear in each monument.  The skills that we use to recognize and name those shapes are the same ones that we use to start identifying the letters that make up words.  You can also play “I Spy” games with shapes to practice not only identifying different shapes but also remembering their names.

Ready to take the fun off your screen?  Create a learning clock to help practice naming different shapes.  As your child gets older, you can try off-screen tangram puzzles, too.  These are a great way to build logical thinking, spatial reasoning, and other STEAM skills.  See our post “Tangrams for STEAM Skills” for more ideas, including instructions on how to make your own set.

For more app recommendations and examples, be sure to check out our App Talk videos, or join us for our final App Time of the season on Wednesday morning at Davis Library, starting at 11:15 AM.  You can find out all about our upcoming programs in our Engage brochure, also available in any Plano library.  Happy playing!

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