Sun and Moon Sisters

Sun and Moon Sisters

By Khoa Le

The Sun and Moon are sisters, which means sometimes they get jealous of each other. Which of them is more important to the people on earth? Deciding to switch roles and see what happens, the Sun stays out all night. People can’t sleep and even the flowers who love the Sun’s light start to wither! When the people of earth beg for the Moon to return, they think the answer is clear, but the world gets so cold with the Moon out all the time. Sometimes it takes an outside voice to help people realize that their unique talents are all equally important.

This sweet and beautiful book reads like a fairy tale. Khoa’s illustrations are done with a mix of watercolor and patterned paper, making the whole book seem dreamy. The simple text makes it easy for younger readers to understand, or for an early reader to attempt on their own. This book would be great to share together right before bed. Don’t forget to look up at the Sun and Moon and say thanks for all their hard work!

Recommended for ages 3-6.

Nicole P.

Schimelfpenig Library

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