The Christmas Quiet Book

The Christmas Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood

You may remember The Quiet Book and The Loud Book from Eugene and Charlotte’s very first What to Read video.  In these books, each page features an illustration and a single phrase for a different type of quiet (or loud) – “top of the roller coaster quiet” or “spilling your marbles in the library loud.”  Each page and phrase evokes feelings we all know – embarrassment, love, surprise, guilt – and the soft illustrations of woodland animals show these feelings perfectly.

The Christmas Quiet Book does the same thing for all of the feelings of suspense, awe, anticipation, and peace that can surround the holidays.  Hoping for a snow day quiet.  Shattered ornament quiet. Mistletoe quiet.  So check this one out and have a *quiet* moment with your little one.  And if you missed the first two in this series, check them out too!

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