The Last Grand Adventure

The Last Grand Adventure

By:  Rebecca Behrens

I highly recommend this heartfelt historical fiction story.  Twelve-year-old Bea (Beatrice) is unhappy with her new living situation.  The year is 1967 and Bea is living with her father, stepmother, and her younger stepsister, Sally, who is particularly annoying.  Bea misses her mother who travels a lot for her reporting job.  Bea is not a risk taker, so she is quite anxious about an upcoming trip to stay with her grandmother, “Pidge”, whom she barely knows, for a couple of weeks.   Bea agrees to join her grandmother on an impromptu trip from California to Kansas to find Pidge’s long lost sister, Amelia Earhart.  Pidge has been receiving letters for years that she believes are from Amelia.  Thus begins the “Grand Adventure” as Bea and Pidge stow away on a train, hitchhike, and fly in a Cessna Skyhawk in an attempt to reach Kansas.  Bea learns to conquer her many fears and discovers her sense of adventure.  She also learns that the bond between sisters is special and she comes to appreciate her new stepsister.


History buffs will appreciate the author’s note in the back which has period references and actual quotes from Amelia Earhart’s family.


Renee (Parr Library)

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