The Secrets of Ninja School

Image result for the secrets of ninja schoolThe Secrets of Ninja School

By Deb Pilutti

Master Willow opens up his Ninja School for 1 weekend every year. 1 weekend only for all the little boys and girls to transform from saplings to a ninja. Ruby is so excited to have the chance to train with Master Willow. At the end of the weekend, not only are their ninja skills strengthened but also, Master Willow helps unveil every students secret skill. More than anything, Ruby can’t wait to find out what her very own special skill is. As they are training to Ruby soon finds out, she’s not so good with her ninja skills, but she continues to practice. As she is struggling to improve, she begins to worry that her special skill will not be found. What’s worse is she begins to get homesick. The other saplings  point out that a ninja would not be homesick, but as she begins to tell them all the things at home she is missing, they begin to get home sick too. Ruby knows what to do, and along the way, finds her very own special skill. With her special skill found, and confidence soaring, she becomes a ninja in no time.

This book has adorable pictures. It is a fun story that makes being a ninja and a friend accessible to all children. My favorite part is the way her special skill, and knowing who she is, helps her shine in the end.

Ashley (Davis Library)

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