The Wild Christmas Reindeer

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By Jan Brett

One of my absolute favorite stories when I was younger, The Wild Christmas Reindeer is a classic Christmas tale. Twenty-three years old now, this story still holds up as one of Jan Brett’s most popular books. For those not familiar with the wild reindeer, it’s not the traditional story of Dasher and Dancer and Rudolph. The wild reindeer are caribou entrusted to a young elf named Teeka to prepare them for Christmas Eve.

At first Teeka shouts at the reindeer and orders them around, making them restless and upset. Tundra does not like to be in the back of the line with Heather, he prefers the front with Twilight. Lichen was frightened of Crag and Bramble was too worried to run. When the reindeer end up tangling their large horns into a hopeless knot, Teeka realizes that she should be kinder to Santa’s wonderful animals. They get things together just in time for Christmas Eve and Teeka earns Santa’s thanks and admiration.

The beautiful illustrations and uplifting story make The Wild Christmas Reindeer something worth sharing with the whole family.

Recommended for ages 4-8.

Nicki P. (Schimelpfenig)

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