Thinking Money with Math Kits

We’re Thinking Money this summer at Plano Public Library!  Parents (and other family adults) are a top influence on their children’s financial lives.  Your little one will learn just by watching you shop, save, and borrow.  You don’t need to be a financial expert to help your child build a strong foundation.

Our Money STEAM Kit is a great way to explore money concepts as a family through reading, playing, and exploring together.  This kit includes money games, books, and even a DVD to explore money together.  For your youngest children, start by introducing the names of coins, and their sizes, before talking about value.  Use play money to shop as a way to explore commerce, and then continue the discussion when you head out to the store for your own errands.  For more tips about sharing money concepts with children of all ages, check out Parents Magazine Age-by-Age Guide.  STEAM kits are available at all five Plano libraries, and can also be placed on hold for pickup at Haggard Library.

Learn more about our great Thinking Money exhibit, Money Sense Programs, and more by visiting our website.  A grant from FINRA Investor Education Foundation and American Library Association is enhancing Thinking Money programs at the Plano libraries.  Thinking Money was developed by the American Library Association Public Programs Office in collaboration with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, whose support made this exhibition possible.

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