Are you looking for fun activities to boost your child’s learning?  Check out Vroom, an app that provides more than a thousand fast and fun learning tips that you can try with your child.  Find new ways to incorporate learning in the activities you do every day.

Vroom by Daily Vroom

Ages:  4+ (tips for ages birth to 5 years)

Requires:  iOS 9.0 or later or Android 4.1 and up

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android

Vroom is a learning app that builds on the foundation that you already provide your child.  Tips are provided daily that add learning opportunities to meals, bath time, bed time, or throughout your day.  Each day, the app provides a challenge tip for you to complete.  While you can try a Vroom tip without creating an account, you’ll need to set up a free account to track your progress or record any of your favorites.

Start by adding a child.  You’ll need to provide a name, gender, and age.  The tips are customized to the age of your child, so that you have developmentally appropriate – and fun! – content specifically chosen for you.  As your child grows, the tips become increasingly complex to build on the skills your child learns.  You can even add multiple children to your account, and receive unique tips for each.

Your Journal includes information about your progress.  You’ll see your child’s profile, a challenge for the day, and information about your progress.  The app tracks the number of consecutive days you’ve completed a tip, as well as what you’ve done this week.  You can browse the Discover window for more tips, or even set a reminder for tips.  By selecting Reminder, you can choose to have a daily reminder of your Vroom tip.  Not only can you choose the time and frequency of your reminder, you can also choose if you’d like to receive a reminder in a specific category.

The Discover tab provides information about a variety of Vroom tips.  If you don’t like the tip for the day, browse here to look for more options.  Tips are organized by the topic and time of day.  Categories include:  fun with chores, everyday routines, little scientist, let’s focus, little detective, practice patience, let’s get dressed, anytime adventures, out and about, eat up, stretch, word play, memory master, let’s play, chat, be kind, bedtime adventures, look, get creative, follow, and take turns.

When you select a tip, you’ll see more information and options.  Each tip includes a category and a description of an activity to try with your child.  If you select “see what your child is learning,” you’ll get the brainy background, which explains the specific skills and ideas that you’re teaching your child through everyday activities.  Once you’ve completed a challenge, mark “We did it!” to complete it.  You can do it again and again, as often as you like.  Add photos of your activities, add a tip to your Favorites collection, share on Facebook, send an email, or even send a tip through a message on your device.  Any tip that you mark as a favorite will be listed on your favorites tab for easy access.

The Activity tab shows your reminders, totals completed to date, your activity for the last seven days, your activity for the last month, and your recent brain building activity.  It’s an easy snapshot to see exactly how you’ve been learning with your child.  The Account tab shows your username, email, password, and language selections.  You can choose to access the app in English or Spanish.  You can also view your child profiles here.  If you need more information, simply choose “About This App” at the bottom of the screen or tap the Vroom icon at the top to connect with their website.

Ready to take the fun off your screen?  Head over the Vroom website and download some printable challenges to take with you on the go.  Learning can be done anywhere!  If you’re feeling crafty, check out our Library Make tutorials for more early literacy activities you can create at home and explore together.

For more app recommendations and examples, be sure to check out our App Talk videos and other app posts.  Or, pick up a copy of our Engage brochure, available in any Plano library, to see all of our great upcoming programs.  The pink section has early learning programs and more information about our Reading Readiness Storytimes.  Happy playing!

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