Waiting for Augusta

Waiting for Augusta

By:  Jessica Lawson

Set in Alabama in 1972, this story follows eleven-year-old Ben Putter, as he tries to fulfill his father’s final wish to have his ashes scattered on the 18th hole of Augusta National golf course.  Ben has been upset since his father died a month ago and has the feeling that he has a golf ball stuck in his throat.  When his father’s ashes start speaking to him, he decides he will make the 400-mile journey to Augusta.  Taking action is quite out of character for Ben who prefers sitting quietly and painting pictures.  Ben is joined by a runaway named Noni who has her own unexplained reason for wanting to get to Augusta.  During the journey Ben and his father have the chance to have conversations that they never had while his father was alive.  Ben also has a chance to reflect on his friendship with May, who has faced racial harassment at the integrated school they both attend.  This multilayered, historical fiction story is both engrossing and heartwarming.

Renee (Parr)

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