Wedgie & Gizmo

Wedgie & Gizmo

By:  Suzanne Selfors

This is a hilarious tale of two families blending into one told from the viewpoint of the pets.  An evil genius guinea pig named Gizmo squares off against a cape-wearing Corgi named Wedgie.  Elliot and his dad, along with Gizmo move in with Jasmine, Jackson, their mom, and Wedgie.  When Jasmine helps Elliot take care of Gizmo she dresses him up in tutus and places him in a Barbie dream home.  Gizmo vows to get even and writes down his evil plans.  Wedgie, or “Super Wedgie” as he is known, calls Gizmo the “furry potato” and entertains readers with his enthusiasm for life and cluelessness.  Told through the animals’ alternating points of view, readers learn about their human families.  The numerous illustrations and the short chapters make this story accessible for young readers.  This was quite an enjoyable read!

Renee (Parr)

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