We’re All Wonders


We’re All Wonders

Written and Illustrated by R.J. Palacio

Many adults and elementary school children alike have read or at least heard of the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio, the book about a little boy with facial abnormalities who enters public school for the first time in 5th grade.  The movie based on the book is scheduled to be in theaters November 2017. The story has splintered into multiple “spinoffs” including The Julian Chapter, Auggie and Me, Pluto: A Wonder Story, Shinaling: A Wonder story, 365 Days of Wonder and now We’re All Wonders. We’re All Wonders is the first edition within the “picture book” category. All the other versions are within the junior section.

We’re All Wonders is about all the “normal” kid things that Auggie does and how his mom calls him a wonder. Sometimes other people don’t see the wonder, they see the different. Other people, they point, they stare, they make comments behind his back. All these actions make Auggie sad. Auggie and his dog Daisy put on their wonderful space helmets and visit lands far, far away. Would you believe, from far, far away Earth looks so small and reminds us of how many different people fill it? Auggies decides, you can’t change the ways your different, but you can change the way you see the world. This heart warming book shows all ages we are all different; we are all wonderful.

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