When Will Fall Arrive?

When Will Fall Arrive?

By Sanne Miltenburg

Living in Texas, we have all played the game, where is fall? Summer heat seems to last way too long, only to give away to a cold season that we call winter (minus the snow that defines the season in so many other places). But fall, almost feels like a myth, or a memory from a story. In this story the wait for Fall, may just get a little longer.

In this book, deep within the forest we meet 2 furry friends, Bunny and Hedgehog. Bunny is so excited to have cooler days and plans to spend the colder months in front of a fire with his friend Hedgehog. Hedgehog hibernates all winter and needs to begin prepping in the fall. Before he can hibernate, he must prepare a den and store food. Bunny was very sad to learn about his friends winter habits. Hedgehog tells Bunny that he will start preparing when the first leaf turns red. Bunny comes up with a brilliant plan to keep his friend with him all winter. He begins waking up early every morning to hide all the fallen leaves. The leaves that haven’t fallen yet, he begins to paint those. Day after day, Bunny hides the impending season from Hedgehog. Hedgehog doesn’t understand why fall isn’t coming. The days are getting colder and Hedgehog is getting so very tired. How tired? 10 yawns in a row tired. But still the season does not come in the forest. One day, while Bunny is doing his work hiding fall when he spies that Hedgehog has fallen asleep in his cereal. Bunny tried to wake Hedgehog up by knocking on his door. In his haste to wake Hedgehog, Bunny forgot that his ladder was in front of Hedgehog’s door. When Hedgehog comes out to see who was knocking on his door, he knocks Bunny out of the tree, and hidden leaves are everywhere. Hedgehog then learns how sad Bunny is to be without his friend. Hedgehog and Bunny discover that Bunny’s hidden leaves are the perfect dean, and Bunny has plenty of food to have a pre-hibernation feast. As Hedgehog goes to sleep in Bunny’s cellar, Bunny finds comfort in knowing his friend is there.

This book has some absolutely adorable pictures. They are vibrant, colorful scenes that drop you right in the middle of fall. The story line is straight forward and a great lead to discuss difference in friends. This is definitely a book I would bring home to read to my kids.

Ashley A

Davis Library

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